Specialty Classes and Seminars

Specialty Classes and Seminars

Women's Self Defense

This special women only seminar is based on Krav Maga principles and will teach you how to defend yourself against common chokes, bearhugs and grabs as well as other attacks, including what to do when you are confronted with a weapon. ​

Learn to spot danger signs and to protect and defend yourself when no danger signs are given. We emphasize realistic defense for women! We will show you how to fight back and gain mental preparedness and train you on how NOT to become a victim.


March 2nd, 2024

11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Attendee Options

Call 909-597-1710 for parties 3+.

College Self Defense Class

College students face a variety of potential threats both on and off campus on a daily basis including sexual harassment, muggings, sexual assaults, rape, physical assault, hazing etc. ​

Many attacks can be prevented with the proper physical and psychological training. Our college self-defense course is based on Krav Maga principles and prepares students to handle situations both physically and mentally. The classes teach practical realistic self-defense, situational awareness, strategic thinking, situational conflict management, personal safety, confidence, self-control in compromising dangerous situations.

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Weapons Defense

$85 per person

$150 for 2 people

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Corporate On-Site Training

Keep your most valuable assets (your employees) safe on the job!

With workplace violence on the rise, business leaders have become more interested in protecting themselves and their employees. UMAC has stepped up to address these concerns and bring the training to you by providing corporate seminars and workshops tailored to the needs of most businesses and service industries including, but not limited to: health care, schools, real estate, sales, reception, night crews, and customer service employees. Careers such as teachers and nurses are especially susceptible to violence in the workplace.

Effective and real life self defense is not only a practical and common sense necessity but it is also an important component in helping to ensure the long term stability of your business as well as making your employees feel confident, secure, and valued.

Smart companies are taking steps to keep their employees safe and healthy by implementing more into their wellness programs than just insurance, wellness and nutritional programs. By bringing the training onsite, it helps promote immediate involvement as the employees don't have to travel to attend the class. Corporate self defense training not only helps employees feel safe and empowered but it also bring a sense of camaraderie to the workplace which increases overall morale.

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