Charter School Martial Arts and Fitness Classes in Chino

Universal Martial Arts Centers is a proud provider of physical fitness to California Charter Schools. We are registered with the CA DOJ and all instructors are live scanned. Classes provided to our K-12 Charter School students include:

Kids Karate (ages 5+) - our traditional Shorin-Ryu Karate helps children learn gross motor skills, focus, and have fun learning new martial arts techniques. They learn real, transferable skills that will benefit them in all aspects of life. Our kids programs help kids become more confident & focused, develop discipline through practice, connect with new friends and mentors, and establish lifelong habits of physical fitness.

Kids & Teen Krav Maga (ages 7+) - Krav Maga is a real-world self-defense class designed to teach kids reality-based self-defense skills as well as acquire the confidence and discipline needed to protect themselves. They also learn teamwork and leadership skills, gain better focus & improve motor skills.

Kids & Teen Fitness (ages 7+) - our kids and teen fitness classes are specially designed for adolescents. The major focus is on motor skills, proper exercise, and body mechanics in order to teach kids how to safely exercise. Upon request, we can also include our nutrition education to help students understand how the body uses food for fuel so they know the difference in how the body metabolizes different foods.

Charter School Prices are as follows:

  • Kids Karate - $140
  • Kids & Teen Krav Maga - $140
  • Kids & Teen Fitness - $140
  • Private lessons (four 30-minute individual lessons for Krav Maga, Karate or Fitness) - $240

**All prices are monthly and require a purchase order from the school.

Gear package is required Krav Maga and Karate classes.

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